10 Suggestions for a Master Mason Welcome Packet

Richard H. Ryder, 2018

The day has arrived – your newest candidate has just taken his third degree.  All he must do now is sign the bylaws, continue paying his dues, and come to a few meetings.  Right? After all, he knows a few of the guys, gets the monthly notice, and has attended a few meetings.  What else is there to do or know?  It appears your job is done – bring on the next candidate!  Well, obviously, I’m being facetious.

As lodge Ambassador I feel my job is not yet over.  I try not to assume our newest Master Mason has all the tools he needs to get integrated into the lodge.  I want him to continue to feel welcomed and that we provide some tools for him to find his place and role within the lodge.  If he is married, I also want his wife to feel welcomed into the lodge family.  How do I accomplish this?By providing each newly raised Master Mason a welcome packet.

If this is something you would like to try, reference the list below for what comprises my packet. Use it to get started on your own, changing it occasionally, as needed, making it a reflection of your lodge and its goals.  In addition to this, continue to work with him personally to help him get engaged with everything the lodge has to offer.

  1. Pocket folder with two pockets for material and slots to hold a business card
  2. Welcome letter from me*
  3. Welcome letter from me to the candidate’s wife*
  4. Rookie Award letter from me*
  5. Rookie Award application
  6. Personal Masonic business card
  7. Lodge brochure (for candidate to give to a friend/family member)
  8. New member survey*
  9. Tips on becoming an active member*
  10. Reference material for further study of Freemasonry

*Copy available in the Miscellanea menu on MasonicMaven.org