The Master’s Trestle Board “Creating Objectives” 

The Master’s Trestle Board

“Creating Objectives”

(Richard H. Ryder, 2017)

This is the second in a series of articles to help the Senior Warden, in anticipation of being elected “Master-Elect”, to plan his term as Master.  So as not to overwhelm him with too much information at once, this series of articles takes a sequential approach that follows the Master’s “Preterm” Time Line.

In this series segment we will look at the timeline item for February – creating objectives.  In the first article, which appeared in the January 2017 edition, I discussed how to create an effective vision statement and supporting goals. Click HERE to view the first article in this series.

OBJECTIVES An objective is a specific statement that, when fulfilled, helps to meet a goal. If you have not already done so, using the guidelines stated in the previous article, create as many goals as you need in order to define your year as Master.  Strive for at least three goals.

So, what is the difference between a goal and an objective? During a battle a general might set a goal of “taking that bridge”. To attain that goal there might be several objectives: 1) bring in extra troops; 2) secure the town: and 3) send in the Special Forces to secure the bridge.

For the goal of making each member feel valued, the following simply stated objective helps to focus everyone on something tangible

“In the first three months, contact each member personally, by phone or by email.”

With this objective, the Master can now focus and direct his team toward taking action.  Remember, you are the leader and you should be engaging your team toward assisting you in attaining your objectives, goals, and vision statement.

For each goal, create as many objectives as necessary to ensure the attainment of the given goal.  Be sure to consider all the steps you need to take in order to attain a goal and be aware there may be more than you think.  Don’t confuse a goal and an objective.  A list of objectives is a subset under the goal and serves as a checklist of accomplishments toward the goal.

Click HERE to view a sample vision statement, corresponding goals, and objectives within a goal.  You will also see action items, which you can read about in the next edition of The Maven’s Journal.